I had a couple days to myself in Nuremberg while Jochen was in school so I walked around town quite a bit and got some nice photos that give a nice feel for what a southern German town is like! Some of the photos are similar to ones I’ve posted on instagram.  Putting them up anyways because I like them..

Cities In Europe have so much more character than in the states! All the cities seem to have a main downtown where no cars are allowed and only people are allowed in the streets. It gives walking through town a much nicer feel and all of the restaurants and other businesses seem more appealing! (especially since most of the food is better..) Also, many of the shops and restaurants are in old stone buildings that almost no business in America would invest enough in to build.  (I dont think that most of the businesses here necessarily have the money to construct the buildings they are in.  In most cases they probably inherit the buildings from when they were built many years ago. However it is  that the buildings appeared the way they are, it’s great!)

Theres a castle downtown!

Castle interior

Downtown Market


Downtown Market

This is a View from the Castle in downtown Nuremberg

View from Castle


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