Photo Dump!

Lots of talk last time, so this time just photos!

Colin, Jon, and I messing around camp at night with lamps. For an 8 second exposure we would count 'one-two-three-COVER-five-LIGHTS-seven-eight!'

Me under The Swarm (V14)

Sunrise at the Milks from our campsite. Woke up a little before seven because I needed to pee and was greeted with this! The rocks were quite dark in the photo, but I wanted something in the foreground and to include the milks, so i lightened them up on the computer (thats why the foreground looks a little unnatural).

Here's a shot where Jon is waving a stick with about a foot of embers on the end and I'm standing behind him waving the headlamp. I think you can see my face to the left of his.

Profile pic! The favorite! I'm behind jon again doing the headlamp while he does the stick. I don't think I'm really visible in this one..

  1. Great pix! Fun. Can I use some of your pix on my website :)?

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